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Self-Worth: Foundation for Sustainable Personal Change

Anne explains how self-worth is foundational to our attitude, disposition, energy, focus, concentration, resilience, ability to heal, sexuality, sleep, eating habits, and more. She discusses how to tap into your “passion, desire, and mission” to create change that sticks.

Crisis to Clarity: What I Learned From 40 Trauma Survivors

In writing “A Human Mosaic,” Anne interviewed survivors of abuse — domestic, emotional, and sexual — drug addiction, devastating diagnoses, and the unexpected loss of loved ones. She discusses what she learned about self-worth, resilience, and post-traumatic growth.

Neuroplasticity: Your Brain Wants to Grow

“You are capable of transcending trauma because you have a brain that wants to grow beyond that trauma,” Anne says. She explains how we all have the ability to change how we think by altering our habits and practices.

3 Things You Can Do to Build Self-Worth

Anne explains how journaling, reflection and detachment, and a “reverse resume” — a list of difficulties and obstacles that have held you back in your life — can help you appreciate the progress you have made and build self-worth

What’s Missing From “Success”

A veteran business executive who owns her own company, Anne tells why many highly educated and successful people — including politicians, celebrities and business leaders — often feel unfulfilled despite their accomplishments. She explains how people can discover self-worth based on who they are rather than what they do.

Self-Worth, Suicide, and Modern Malaise

Many studies have documented the relationship between negative self-worth and the epidemic of suicide. Anne explains why she believes lack of self-worth is a root cause of depression, violence, bullying, addiction, overdoses, and the conflict, discord, and hostility that are rampant today — and what we can do about it.

Protecting Kids from Bullying

A mother of three children, Anne discusses how parents can help their children develop healthy self-worth, and how that can protect them from bullying ­— and from becoming bullies.

Self-Worth and Your Health

Our self-worth is closely tied to our overall sense of well-being, and that has implications for our mental and physical health. Anne discusses how our feelings of worthiness or unworthiness can help or hurt our health.

Self-Worth and Eating Disorders

Anne explains how low self-worth is related to eating disorders, and how people can establish new habits for eating, exercise, and health through repetition that develops new neural pathways. “Any personal change that will improve the quality of your life requires time and your pledge to stick with it,” she says.

Building Self-Worth: Life Line to Thriving

Anne has spent years coaching people going through difficult circumstances. She discusses how empathy and compassion are keys to helping others develop healthy self-worth.

Do You Lead Through Resonance or Dissonance?

Anne discusses how leaders can be more effective by understanding how the human brain thrives on resonate or positive learning environments and shuts down in response to criticism.

9 Benefits of Journaling for Self-Worth and Growth

Writing a journal is “an unparalleled vehicle to measure your progress and evaluate what is working and what may not be working.” Anne shares how journaling helps you “pause, reflect, and detach from your inner drama,” and promotes self-expression, self-understanding, and self-discovery.
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